Permanent enzyme-based hair reduction for all hair and skin colours

Epilar ® is an endogenous enzyme that reduces the unwanted body hair permanently. It may be applied on almost every skin type over the entire body, regardless of skin and hair color, whether white or gray hair or colored or tanned skin.

Epilar ® is cheaper than a treatment with the laser, IPL or electrolysis, is painless and requires no investment in expensive equipment.

What is Epilar

Epilar ® is a unique application of two patented gel, an inhibitor and an activator. They will be immediately massaged into the skin gently after an depilation with wax, a sugar paste, a modern epilator or any other method, removing the hair with its root.

Epilar ® was developed by physicians and is based on the body's enzyme Trypsin, which cuts proteins in the body.

Due to the unique formulation of Epilar ® no side effects are known. Epilar ® proved itself in more than hundreds of thousand applications!

Treatment procedure

4 Easy Steps!

Epilar ® is applied directly after depilation with wax, a sugar paste, a modern epilator or any other method, with wax, a sugar paste, a modern epilator or any other method removing the hair with its root.

1. Depilation or waxing. The root of the hair has to be removed.
2. Remove wax residues with clean water.
Apply Gel 1 (Inhibitor) on the treatment area and massage it into the skin for approx. 1 minute.
Apply Gel 2 (Activator) on the same area and also massage it into the skin for appr. 1 minute.

Residues on the skin can be removed with a clean paper towel after 3 minutes of the last apply.

End of treatment!

Unless there is intolerance to waxing, almost everyone can be treated with Epilar ®. There is no regard to gender, color or skin type, hair color or thickness of hair!

The only requirement is a minimum hair length of 2 up to 5mm, because only at that length hair removal with wax or sugar paste is optimal. Epilar ® must be applied within 3 to 5 minutes after any depilation procedure; otherwise the empty hair follicle will be closed.

For very dry or heavily tanned skin is recommended prior to waxing, a dry brushing to remove dead skin. Cleansing creams, talcum powder or other products should not be used.


Permanent hair removal can only take place in the Anagen Phase (growth phase) regardless of method. Depending on different areas on the body appr. 15% of all hairs are in the growth phase.

With an epilar treatment the re-growth time will be doubled and the number of hairs reduced by 15% by each treatment.

In order to obtain best treatment results with the epilar it is important to carry out the treatments regularly over a longer period of time. We recommend intervals between treatments of appr. 4 weeks for treatments in the facial area and between 5 to 6 weeks for treatments on the body. An ideal permanent hair reduction is usually reached after 8 – 12 treatments.

There is a great difference in the growth cycles of the various hairs and the amount of hair follicles differs from area to area. In addition, heredity is what determines whether a person has much or little hair in certain areas of their body.

When hair grow?

Hair growth cycle

In the Anagen Phase (growth phase) the basal germal cell (growth cell) is presented at the bottom of the hair follicle.

Not all hair is active at the same time and as some hairs have been genetically programmed to become active in 3 months, 2 or 12 years from now on, one has to accept the fact that new hair growth can start with time, which is why it could be necessary to have one or more additional treatments in the future.

It is also important to note that certain factors can cause new and annoying hair growth, for example hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause as well as side effects from certain pharmaceutical products.

It should be mentioned that no one can ever expect to be 100% free from hair (regardless of method) as this from a physiological point of view is impossible.

Nonetheless: most epilar users will notice that the re-growth time will be doubled and the number of hairs permanently reduced by at least 15% by each treatment. A significant result is already visible after just 2 to 3 treatments!


There are no precautions to be taken following a treatment with the epilar!

Typical precautions due to a wax treatment include::

  • avoiding sunbathing, solariums and the like
  • avoiding the use of creams, self tanners, make-up and deodorant

for 24 hours after a wax treatment.

In depilation with sugar paste or Epilator no precautions are necessary. It can be done other treatments.

Your advantage:

  • removes unwanted hair permanently
  • gentle and efficient, no side effects
  • a session only takes a few minutes
  • works on all skin types, regardless of skin and hair colour
  • price for treatment lower than other lasting methods
  • solarium/ sunbathing prior to session no influence on effect
  • dermatologically tested
  • well tolerated – allergy tested with no adverse results

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